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The concept of school aid was established in the country from the Government of Carlos Ibáñez del Campo, when the General Directorate of Primary Education and the Community Boards of School Help were created. These Boards were responsible for the promotion and organization of school feeding services and other aid to public school students, this was the first advance to what is now known as the National Board of School Aid and Scholarships, JUNAEB.

JUNAEB is an agency of State Administration, created in 1964 by Law No. 15,720, which is responsible for administering state resources intended to ensure that Chilean children and adolescents in a biopsychosocial vulnerability condition, can enter, stay and have success in the educational system.
Since 1980, JUNAEB started to outsource its programs, incorporating the management of these programs to private institutions. This alliance with private companies has brought great benefits to the country, in terms of efficiency.
In 1990, with the restoration of democracy in the country, JUNAEB expanded the coverage of the School Feeding Program, reinstalled the Student Health Program, created the Youth Camp Program and the Student Housing Program.
Between 1990 and 2000, JUNAEB’s budget was doubled, and food scholarships exceeded the one million barrier.
In 2002, the World Food Program (WFP), a United Nations agency, recognizes Chile’s school feeding program as one of the five best in the world, and invites JUNAEB to be a founding partner of the Latin American School Feeding Network (The RAE).
In 2006, JUNAEB took over the administration of the Presidente De la República Scholarship Programs and the new Higher Education Maintenance Scholarship. Incorporated as a characterization criterion the beneficiaries of Chile Solidario, in all its products, in addition to increasing in all its strategic products the coverage given to its beneficiaries.


To promote the maintenance and success in the educational system of children and young people in a condition of social, economic, psychological and/or biological disadvantage, by providing quality, comprehensive products and services, that contribute to the realization of equal opportunities, human development and social mobility.

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