Oral health

básica0047What does it consist of?

The Program develops actions of promotion, prevention and recovery of oral health to students from Nursery to 8th grade of primary school.

The promotion component consists of health education, in themes referred to healthy eating and oral hygiene, both in municipal and private subsidized schools, in urban and rural areas.

The attention is carried out in fixed and mobile Dental Modules, located in different communes of the country, in which comprehensive dental care is provided to the students of educational establishments attached to the Module.

The preventive activities are carried out in the school feeding of the rural schools of localities without fluorinated drinking water, through the fluorinated milk delivered in breakfasts of JUNAEB (regions IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, XIV, X, XII, XII and Metropolitana), and in the Dental Modules, through the application of sealants and topical fluorine (varnish and gel).

Who is it addressed to?

– Care in Dental Modules: children from 4 to 14 years old (Pre-Kindergarten to 8th Grade) of schools attached to the Dental Modules.

– Fluorescent PAE Program: children from 1st to 8th grade in rural schools who do not have fluorinated drinking water in Regions IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, XIV, X, XII, XII and Metropolitan.

How are communes with Dental Modules selected?

In order to select the communes that will have the Dental Modules, they participate in a contest of projects of the Oral Health Program. Priority is given to communes with more dental damage, high poverty level (number of children beneficiaries of Chile Solidario), which have establishments with a high level of school vulnerability and that are not operating the JUNAEB Oral Health Program. In addition, it considers the existence of infrastructure, human resources and the availability of resources to provide the necessary inputs and materials. Since 2009, in the context of a Collaboration Framework signed with the Ministry of Health (MINSAL), the 94 vulnerable communes are also prioritized MINSAL, an alliance that aims to build and consolidate a joint work for the Oral Health of the child population.