Medical Services Program

The Junaeb Medical Services Program  Researches health problems related to school performance and provides comprehensive care to schoolchildren who present visual, auditory and spinal problems through screening, diagnosis, testing, treatment and control, performed by specialists in the medical area.

What is the purpose of the program?
The objective of the program is to solve health problems related to school performance, such as: visual, hearing and spine problems; with the purpose of improving the quality of life of our beneficiaries, through clinical and preventive actions that contribute to their continuity in the school system.

Who can access?
Students enrolled in Municipal and Private Subsidized Schools in Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary Education, depending on the pathology presented by the student.

How is the pre-diagnosis performed?
The teacher at the beginning of the school year, researches students with possible health problems, who go through the Screening process, where they identify if they actually present problems of visual, hearing, or possible deviations of the spine. After this process, they are referred to specialist physicians for their diagnosis and treatment.

What is the treatment about?
The treatment consists of the attention of the problem found, and at least an annual control to each beneficiary of the program that is in treatment.
It is important that an adult accompany the children to the controls and treatments, and is responsible for promoting the correct use and care of the materials given by JUNAEB.

When are the attentions performed?
Between March and December of each year.



What does it consist of?
Attention of Ophthalmologist Physician to schoolchildren who present visual problems. Includes the treatment of the problem found, delivering Optical Lenses, Contact Lenses and Orthoptic exercises.

Where to apply?
With the School Health Officer or Community Coordinator.



What does it consist of?
Medical Attention by traumatologist to schoolchildren who present problems of Column, Scoliosis or Curved Back. It includes the treatment of the problem found, delivering enhancement templates, corset and Kinesitherapy sessions.

Where to apply?
With the school health officer or Community Coordinator.