I choose my PC

PC's Antofa

“I choose my PC” is an initiative promoted by the government of Chile, which seeks to increase levels of equity, reduce the digital gap and favor children in vulnerable situations, who stand out for their good academic performance.

During the time the program has been running, it has benefited students with good academic performance, who are enrolled in 7th grade by March of each year, and who belong to the most vulnerable sector of the population, determined through the “Registro Social de Hogares” (Home income registry) available at the Ministry of Social Development.

The results of the new 2017 process of selected students are already published. The delivery of laptops will start from May 2017. This and other related information can be found at www.yoelijomipc.cl

This initiative involves the Ministry of Education and the National Board of School Aid and Scholarships (JUNAEB).